Sep. 20, 2018

The Western Mail Full Movie Download In Hindi

The Western Mail Full Movie Download In Hindi ->>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Just as Lucky Webster (Fred Kohler Jr). is being questioned about a recent train robbery, Tom Allen (Tom Keene) appears at his ranch and confirms his alibi. Lucky offers Tom a job with the ...

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original title: Western Mail

genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Romance,Western

duration: 54min

tags: TRAIN BANDITS IN REIGN OF TERROR! Tom's up against the most treacherous outlaw gang tin the untamed west! (original print ad)

keywords: bmovie, bwestern, povertyrowfilm, lowbudgetfilm, doublefeaturefilm, u.s.marshal, damselindistress, heldatgunpoint, deathofbrother, whitelieregardingdeathofbrother, actorsharesfirstandlastnamewithchara

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Just as Lucky Webster (Fred Kohler Jr). is being questioned about a recent train robbery, Tom Allen (Tom Keene) appears at his ranch and confirms his alibi. Lucky offers Tom a job with the gang he is secretly working for. Lucky's sister, Julie (Jean Trent), doesn't realize he is mixed up with an outlaw gang. Tom, a U.S. Marshal working undercover with Sheriff Big Bill Collins (Glenn Strange), asks the sheriff about respected citizen and bank president Jeff Gordon (LeRoy Mason), whom he suspects of working with the mail robbers. Tom plants a dictophone in Gordon's office and hears him tell gang leader Jim Rivers (Karl Hackett) that the next shipment is $15,000 and gives Rivers information to make the hold-up. Julie, accidently, tips Lucky off to Tom's real identity and Tom is ambushed as he rides back to the gang's hideout. Working undercover, Allen and sidekick Mendoza are out to stop the mail train robberies. Rivers and his gang are the culprits and by joining up with them, they hope to get the evidence they need. Young man connected with a mail robbery ring has second thoughts. When he's given an alibi regarding a one crime by a mysterious stranger (our hero named Tom Allen). In order to make the alibi stick Allen is given a job at the ranch. Unknown to anyone, Allen is actually looking into the robberies. This is a very good little western. It moves along at a good clip. I like the film and I'm finding that I'm really enjoying the westerns that were made with star Tom Keene. I don't think there is anything special about the films themselves, I think its Keene who's personality seems to make everything better. I liked this film a great deal. Its actually the sort of thing that I think I'll watch again- which when it comes to program westerns is saying more than I liked it. Tom Keene and sidekick Frank Yaconelli get into an gang by providing an alibi for gang member Fred Kohler, Jr. who sheriff Glenn Strange is chasing after a stagecoach robbery. That was the general idea because Keene and Yaconelli want to find out who's behind these robberies. Since these robberies are of the US mail it's their federal jurisdiction.

A word to the wise is always stay away any crimes involving the mails because that's federal and there's no place to run to. But here the villains are targeting the mails for a specific purpose in mind for the boss.

This is a Monogram Picture so don't expect too much. But Keene as western hero is easy to take and Yaconelli is a funny guy.


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